Warning To Porta Potties


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just read an article this morning that should really concern the traveling pack of C*M Dumpsters known as the Porta Potties.  You should be ultra ultra careful when making these so called companion trips to Dubai… as you do not have the protection and comfort of western society to insulate you should a “hobbiests” get a tad out of hand.  Seems this woman had one to many adult beverages and was given the ol’gang-bang treatment by a few local boys… UAE laws are laws crafted by a culture that follows the Islamic faith. Specifically what is deemed normal and acceptable in the west is forbidden or hidden from the watchful eyes that judge in that country which is for the most part using a view from their religious dogma… Which means – among a wide variety of customs we see every day in the west – these are forbidden of hidden in these countries.  Like this girl that was gang raped by 3 men and she actually got arrested for drinking without a license.  Personally, I think the b*tch deserves to get raped, you want to live a life like this and milk money, rape is eventually going to happen.  Click here to read full article.

“I noticed one of them filming me and I begged them to let me go but they ignored my pleas and laughed at me,” she told the court, according to The National newspaper.

The victim’s 26-year-old French flatmate said the woman returned home at around 8.30am and appeared “confused”. She took her to a police station to report the assault.

Two 20-year-old Iranian men are on trial for the assault, while the third has not been traced. They deny the charges.

The men’s defence lawyer claimed that the woman had fabricated the claims, saying: “She watches a lot of action movies”.

Porta-Potties please click on the link to read full article. It might save your life.- nik

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