Watch Out For This Smelly Dirtball

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watch out for this smelly dirtball girl rapist alcoholic worthless bum

watch out for this smelly dirtball girl rapist alcoholic worthless bum

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey this is live my hobbies are drinking everyday and being a crackhead my job? i dont have one cause i thought it was smart to get wasted and show up to work and drink while she worked at mcdonalds, i dont know if she will be able to see this cause she cant even read. this wanna be lez has only molested straight girl and he chick friends she likes to get 14 15 and 16 yr olds wasted at her house which shhe cant afford to live there and she likes taking advantage of them and shes a good friend she loves to sleep with all her chick friends u could call her but she cant afford a phone it sucks not having anyone that cares about u cause u treat everyone like shit and have taken advantage of them so stop molesting underage girls and get a job before someone snaps and kicks ur lying nasty slutty wanna be dyke face in. maybe u should lie and treat people like shit and rape undersage girls and their alcholic friends.

I seriously can’t tell if this is a dude or a chick.- nik

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