We Are Losing Our Founding Principles


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, our country needs to go back to our founding principles and cut back on big government. In countries dominated by the Government, the same companies, the same people, the same families dominate those nations and their economies generation after generation. But here, at least until recently, anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything. In this country as one of our founding principles you should be able to go as far as your talent and hard work will take you. These are principles that go to the ever core of who were are as a people and as a nation. Every country in the world as rich people, and unfortunately every country in the world has poor people. But only America has been able to produce such a vast generational middle class time and again. Only in America have we seen so many people go from being an employee to an employer, from a worker to an owner. It goes to the very core of what makes us different and special and makes us so different from the rest of the world. If we lose that, we lose one of the things that made us different and those were the stakes of this election. You can not grow the middle class, you can not make it safer, you can not pull people out of poverty with an economy that is dominated by the government. It has never worked and it isn’t going to work here. In times like these we would be wise to remember what the world was like before America. For almost 6,000 years of recorded history everyone who ever lived was poor. Only a handful of people were every wealthy or powerful and it was always the same people. The closer you were to Government the better off you were and everyone else was on the outside looking in. Your rights were whatever your ruler told you your rights were. If your parents were poor, you would be poor. If your parents worked a certain profession, that’s what you would do as well. That began to change 230 years ago, when in this country these extraordinary men wrote the words that all men were created equal, because they were given at birth certain rights that came from God, not from Government, not from their politicians and not from their leaders. Sometimes when that’s all you have known its easy to forget, and you think it’s always been this way. But for almost all of human history no one believed that. The freedom, the liberties that we share and our prosperity has been the exception not the rule, through all of human history. It did not happen by accident, because those weren’t just words on a piece of paper. They were governing guiding principles from which we formed a Republic of limited government and divided power. These principles also helped us develop and economic system called the free enterprise system. It’s a system that’s based on the simple principle that it doesn’t matter where you start out in life. It doesn’t matter if your parents were poor, or even if you were poor. You can go as far as your talent and hard work will take you. Where you can write a business plan on a piece of paper, take your life savings, max out your credit card, take a risk, and guess what it works. The system works. It works when people have confidence in the future. When you have a government that makes it easy for you to do that. When we don’t have a complicated tax code and regulatory code that is so burdensome and so expensive, that people would rather keep their money in the bank than invest it. When the government makes those things easier, people say that they can create jobs given these rules and they are willing to take that risk. Under Obama and his big government policies of higher taxes, Obamacare, and burdensome regulations, people are worried and scared that things will never be the same again. But the truth is they don’t have to be the same again, they can be better than they have ever been. There is no reason why our kids and even us cant be the safest and most prosperous Americans who have ever lived. All we need to do is change the people who are in charge, get our fiscal house in order, but that is not going to happen as long as we keep electing big government politicians like President Obama. [Marco Rubios speech]

Amen.- nik

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