THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Hannah Flattery is she is a Mattress that works at Playhouse.  She is trying to make it in Hollywood and is starting to get very annoying.  She was currently in a commercial on FOX during thanksgiving and she can’t stop bragging to everyone about it.  Not going to lie, I did see the commercial but I did not recognize her till she mentioned she was on it.  Yes, we get it Hannah, you are pretty and been on one commercial… doesn’t really mean anything.  People talk about the trouts she has been seen with way more than they do about her “acting career”.

For you rookies, a Mattress is a term I call girls in Hollywood who claim they are Model/Actresses but in reality they are just vaginas in Hollywood getting banged out by producers, directors, 30K Millionaires, club owners, etc.- nik