We Hate To Criticize Kerry Washington, But…

We Hate To Criticize Kerry Washington, But…

While there’s many celebrities we love, Kerry Washington has always been among the top, much ado to her bada*s portrayal of Olivia Pope in Scandal. Not only does Washington portray that role with such passion and fierceness, but she also always wears the best clothing while doing so.

It seems that even our favorites are capable of making mistakes, though, as Washington’s outfit choice while on a recent press junket for Disney’s Cars 3 was not good to put it mildly.

Washington donned what seemed like two different shirts sewn together… and, while that could work in theory, here it bombed miserably.

Also, her hair- which is usually on point- seemed a bit messy and uneven.

Kerry, we know you gave birth last October, so we’re going to chalk the look up to you being exhausted from Mommyhood. We know you can do better and have faith that you will. Please don’t disappoint us.


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