We Have Had Enough Of Phoebe Dykstra


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Phoebe Dykstra band skank

Phoebe Dykstra band skank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, lately Phoebe Dykstra has been obsessed with trying to catch the attention 17 year old Justin Bieber. She has been banging on and off boyfriend Ryan Butler in hopes of getting close to him but with no success. Here is a pic of her CRYING at a Justin Bieber concert…what a f*cking creeeep….you’re 23 Phoebe!! what the hell is wrong with??? Maybe she’s crying because Much Music finally fired her and she’s trying desperately to salvage her job. Her star studded list today of guys she’s banged is: T Mills, Jacob Hoggard, Dallas Green, Shawn Desman, Jesse Giddings, Jonathan Cook, Travie Mccoy, Ryan Butler and the list goes on. Why are girls like this?! Why can’t girls have some self-respect?

Stop submitting yourself Phoebe.- nik

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