Weed Is The Ultimate Equalizer


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, now I am fully aware of your position on that sweet, sweet cheeba. But here, I pose something new to you. I smoke Miss Mary Jane every once in a while, but by no means would anyone consider me a pothead… I’m smart, graduated from the University of Washington, and I’m going places in life. So, posters, please don’t leave the usual ignorant comments. I’m simply asking for a moment of thoughtful zen. This very evening, a topic of conversation was initiated that I cannot stop noodling over: Weed as the ultimate social equalizer. Let me preface this statement by saying that stoners get a very bad rep for being “nonchalant, lofty, unmotivated, etc.”, none of which I 100% agree with. (Great, eccentric, unbounded thought can and has been achieved through marijuana. And then, sure, Spicollis happen.. I won’t deny that). But overall, have you EVER seen such a social phenomenon in which SO many people of vastly divergent backgrounds have been able to identify with each other on such a level all over the world? People of all different ages, races, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. smoke weed. And nothing bad ever comes from merely smoking it. Nothing! I mean, honestly, how many times have you heard “Yeah, man, I mean, I totally get what you’re saying, but have you thought about it this way?” I mean, honestly!! I just feel like if all of our world leaders changed their stern meetings to include a nice hookah of some Cryptachronacuntalike and a homemade potluck, there would be less bombings and more existential thought as to how we all fit together as one, how we are all important to each other as one, and how we can, together, form a higher, copacetic meaning of life through peaceful existence. So, whether you’re a stoner or not, I think we all need to recognize the chilling, peaceful vibe our world direly needs… and the assistance marijuana could possibly give in this manner. Peace and Love.

So you are saying that Weed will help us achieve World Peace. Are you high?- nik

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