Well Don’t You Just Look Like An Idiot


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well dont you just look like an idiot?

well dont you just look like an idiot?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik The crazy bitch who keeps sending you photos of matt and his old girl ell…. well your just crazy and if you think posting old pictures of your boyfriend and his naked beautiful ex then your just dumb thats never going to get you a 7ct ha you gotta be kidding yourself you sound like a jealous psycho… so here you to the people who also agree with me… heres matt and his ex having a good time together and not being sexual.. maybe hes supposed to be with her instead of this crazy girl. OH and if you look up matts girlfriend anywhere on the internet guess who pops up? hmm ELLE! crazy girll….who are you and where are your photos with matt? oops.

Thanks Brock’s Chick’s BFF Elle Burdi for your statement.- nik

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