Westside Eva Longoria Wannabe


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, heres another San Antonio Mexican Slore for ya! Her name is Roxanne Benavidez 27 still lives with her parents and sleeps with anyone who gives her any kind of attention. She really needs no introduction, Im sure any guy who sees her pic will recognize her in an instance. This chicka here thinks shes all amazing and all kinds of great sh** thinks she so smart and beautiful because she works with Doctors but really is a dumb little twat that covers her face with so much makeup just to cover her horrible skin complection she has Proactiv cant save her! Even at the gym you wont catch her without it . Nik she gives any guy she sees at the gym who looks at her the light of day to do what they want. Always there to claiming she works out but is still overweight because she probably spends all her time looking for the next guy to screw over. Since high school shes been a little sloot who cant keep a guy because shes a crazy azz psycho chick with those insecurity problems and runs them off lol and trust me I know because I know a lot of these guys and all these guys tell me the same thing about her “crazy azz psycho chick who gets all jealous because you dont pay attention to her all the damn time. Divorced of course like so many mexican chicks her in san antonio with a kid who she neglects because she spends so much of her time going out to clubs trying to get some. I actually know the last guy who she was with pretty well and I tried telling him how psycho this slore was she was just gonna drive him crazy but the dumbass had to learn the hard way. Kinda feel sorry for the idiot. Nik this Mexican slore needs to be put on blast she aint got no friends, no female likes her because of how much of a stuck up hoeski she is, all she has as friends are the guys shes slept with Its a shame !! Blast this Mexican Slore!!

If she looked anything like Eva she would manage to at least drink out of some guys bottle, not live out her days on the edge of the dance floor.- nik

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