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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have never submitted anyone to your website but I couldn’t pass this one up.. The girl in the picture is Mercedes Cowan. She has said five or six times that she has been pregnant and two years ago told everyone she had just given birth to a little boy but has yet to produce her son, she always has an excuse.. (he has been put up for adoption, was a still born or that he is a the babysitters house) c’mon now. So when she said last year she was pregnant not too many people believed her. She had a little girl, which she never ever has. She has turned into a porn star, literally, so she travels all the time. When she was 8 months pregnant she got one boob job then when the baby was 1 month old she got another one.. she is plain trash. She never puts pictures of her daughter up, instead she uploads boob shots and talks about some of the most vulgar stuff online.. she is always uploading pictures of BMW’s saying she is signing papers and about to own it but every single time “something” comes up.. she uploads videos of her dog (which haves parvo) licking her daughter in the mouth(ewww).. while being pregnant, the babys daddy left her, she got married to another man, got divorced then stole a man from his family (he has two kids with his wife) and he has yet to divorce his wife but is living with mercedes.. she is just a pathological liar.. i’m all about doing what you gotta do for your baby but that doesn’t mean leaving your child for weeks when she is only 3 months old..

I believe everything she says and her boobs are real FYI.- nik

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