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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so last week I got super drunk and met this hot tattoo’d chick named Britney Boykins at the bar.  I have a lot of tattoos myself so we hit it off perfect.  We took shots all night, were making out and at the end of the night she asked me to go back to her place.  So I did, I was beyond wasted and don’t remember much.  When we got to her place we started going at it and then she gave me a BJ and when we started to have sex, she said she was on her period so I could only stick it in her butt, so I did.  It was a great time.  The next day, I was telling my boys what happened and once I told them her name they all started laughing at me and showed me this previous post on TheDirty about how Britney is actually a man.  I’m devastated and very ashamed of myself and don’t know what to do.  How can someone have sex with me and not tell me they are a dude.  I feel violated and want to sue, is that possible?

Sorry bud, but it’s time to tell your parents you’re gay. This was God’s plan for you.- nik

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