THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Big fan of your opinion. I need to know this Chick came to Florida thinking she was hot stuff. She tells everyone she is a model, actress and something special. She is 4o and tells everyone how fab she is for 40 and thinks she is the greatest. I am not kidding you. She has a kid who she is never with, from what I hear he basically is raised by his Grandparents sadly cause she parties it up all day and night. Please tell me, This is a Man or Woman? Living in Florida we have transvesties, so this one I am curious too. She even has a fb page Lisa OMG Keller. Yes. She uses her middle name as OMG. She thinks she is great,and I wanna know who is telling her this?.Tanks Nik. Much lovE!

I think Lisa needs to start raising her kid.- nik