THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not sure if the lovely Lauren has been submitted here before but she is a reality TV star & businesswoman here in the UK! She’s been on the London party scene for years. Mostly known for fighting in the streets with other ‘models’ over footballers and having accidental ‘nip slips’.   She’s now on one of the UK’s biggest reality shows ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and is with Katie Price’s aka Jordan, management team. Her ex-boyfriend has called her out publicly on lying about her age. B*tch says she’s 29 but looks at least 34. She always seems to be spending way beyond her means and she’s constantly in Dubai and she’s in Las Vegas currently so I think ‘Popey’ may have a little secret to share with us.

Her legs definitely look English, even standing on her toes is not helping the cause for this 30 something.- nik