THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I wonder why Kina isnt BLASTING her latest video on her fb or twitter?? No, I am not hating and no I am not a fat terd bashing people from my laptop. SS will love this attention as it will most likely help her out financially. LOL. I just had to show this because I think it’s hilarious. Why didn’t DA call her BIGBIRD instead of Scooby Snack? Especially now with her new loook. I actually think that SS should make babies with Fake Equis!!!! Neanderbabies. I wonder what her parents and brother think of her? After watching this, I was just thinking to myself how in 2 years she will be a huge Vegas has been and hopefully she moves on in her life with better things. I mean really, is there a market for pawning redbottomheels? Better get educated kids! Just a random RANT.

The music soundtrack pretty much sums up Scooby Snack’s life.- nik