What Is Going On With Southern California MLB Teams


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I saw that you ran the story about the guy who was seriously injured at Dodger Stadium and wanted to send you this story before it runs in the paper. On March 29th after the Angels v. Dodgers game at Angels Stadium, a 7 months pregnant woman, her husband, and her brother were leaving the game and walking just passed the giant Angels helmet in front of the main gates. They were Dodger fans and the brother was wearing a Dodgers shirt. Behind them were a group of about 4 guys and a couple girls who had that “cholo look” to them. They were Angel fans and were chanting “f*ck the Dodgers.” When the brother turned around and looked at them, the 4 guys rushed at him knocked him to the floor and beat him severely. The pregnant sister tried to intervene and was thrown to the floor. Once she was on the floor, they continued to beat and kick her. Her husband was trying to pull them off her and was yelling that she was pregnant. Finally, they ran away. The sister and her brother were taken to the hospital where they still remain one week later. Sister started going into labor prematurely and the baby is being given medication to help his lungs develop. His heart rate keeps falling though and doctors are unsure about whether he’s going to make it. If he makes it, this will be her and her husband’s first child. Anaheim Police Department is currently looking for the people that did this to them. One of the guys has a giant Angels “A” tattooed on his back. I know you and Dirty Army have been very successful in finding criminals like this and really hope you can help out on this one too. If anyone has any information on these people, the family would greatly appreciate your help.

I am not understanding why these baseball stadiums don’t have surveillance cameras all over their property. This family should sue the MLB if she loses her child.- nik

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