THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after I saw the biggest idiots post about Tazs Angels I added them on fb to see what the deal with them was and I still am not so sure.  Are they escorts? or what?  They claim to have a clothing label coming out but all I see if photos of cheap vinyl bodysuits that could be found at any strip club nationwide.  They post pics on the daily of their new shoes and price tags.  But the real question is, why are there all these pics of the girls with Kim K’s Jonathan Cheban?  One of the angels Arianna was just on an episode of Kourtney and Kim as Jonathan’s date.  So here is my theory….these are prostitutes and Jonathan is a gay man pretending to be straight buying hookers?  Help me out here Nik.

I don’t know… every time I see that Jonathan guy all I can think of is how weird his head is. Its like his temples are part of his forehead… really freaks me out.- nik