What The Hell Happened To Her


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what the hell happened to her?

what the hell happened to her?

what the hell happened to her?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so who remembers this girl from a few months ago? She was on blast for her modeling but now seriously WHAT THE F*CK happened to this b*tch? She used to be half okay looking, but now it looks like someone drown her *ss in a Hot Topic and sharpied her eyebrows on. Total mess. Another bit of dirt for everyone, she breeches confidentiality with American Idol every 10 minutes on Facebook. But the hilarious part is, SHE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE THROUGH ROUND 2 IN PITTSBURGH. She’s a total phony. Pathological LIAR. She’s pretending to actually make it through the rounds but NEWS FLASH she didn’t. Regardless if you’re a good singer or not, Brittany Acosta, QUIT F*CKIN LYING!! Like the producers of the show are NOT flying your broke/homeless *ss around to different auditions. Maybe you’re bjing your way to get to other cities, but please, quit lying about it all.

Drugs and binge drinking took its toll, takes a few years but then it strikes fast.  This is why sloots needa lock guys down early before they turn into a troll.- nik

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