What The Hell Happened To VanTranny


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wat the hell happenned to vantranny?

wat the hell happenned to vantranny?

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik. what the hell is with dirty celeb Vantranny lately? i got my buddy to send me her pictures because she wouldnt add me as a friend and i almost sh*t! i was expecting to jerk off to some nude pictures and he sent me THESE!! he said it was all over her profiles that she bleached her hair SO much it all fell out and shes practically bald now and had to dye her hair black and it all fell out and broke off. look at that wrecked hair. he said she cant even post pictures with her hair dry only wet because its so damaged. she used to have platnum blond hair, which i guess was all wigs or extensions or something because her true colors are now showing. also she used to have nude pictures everywhere and she stopped doing that after getting called out and busted on your site for being such a whore. now she just poses in her underwear, but even that has stopped. she lost a lot of weight and looks like a skeleton now. she used to be playboy material with a bit of weight on her bones and an ass but now she just looks sickly and like a boy. vantranny must be hitting the pipe hard cause shes not hot anymore! i think shes just getting way too old. i think she long gone kissed her so called model career away. homeboy sent me these photos nik, what do you think?

Are you sure this is VanTranny… she almost looks like a girl?- nik

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