THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am new to your site and I love it because it cleared up something for me. Being divorced almost 3 years after being married and faithful for 16 years I cannot see dating a woman my own age of 44 for many reasons, especially because I believe in treating my body like its a shrine for woman to marvel at. Now after being taken for millions in my divorce I will never marry again so why not have fun with a few young woman between 21-27… I give them an education in life with money, travel, friendship, gifts and fun during our maximum 4 month relationship and they leave richer in every way except that they can’t keep me… I pay them to leave… I want to respectfully Thank You and the Dirty Army for exposing a porta potty who almost got me hooked in a moment of weakness believing the I love you’s and the fake pathetic moans…lol.

Not that this is relevant to anything you said, but I had the worst Father’s Day ever. I give so much to my family and try to be the best father possible to my daughter. It’s just hitting me this morning that nobody did anything for me. I guess I shouldn’t care because being a dad is enough, but sh*t I had to entertain myself yesterday. Sorry, EMO moment.- nik