What’s Up With The Greek System At SFSU


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What's up with the Greek System at SFSU?

What's up with the Greek System at SFSU?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I go to SFSU and read the Dirty like it’s my own Bible, I’ve noticed that SFSU doesn’t get much dirt, and I don’t get why. The “greek system” at SF State is depressing. We have 3 notorious sororities, APhi’s (the bottle rats who are paying for friends and try to have “awesome themed parties”) AGD’s (the cast-offs who couldn’t make it to APhi but still wanted to have “the experience”) and finally, the Phi Sigma Sigma’s, the whales and trannies who just really want some friends.  I’ll admit I thought I wanted to join a sorority, just because it looked like fun and I’ve had friends in them at different schools that say they’ve met some of their best friends and there’s free alcohol, as soon as I saw the caliber of girl these sororities take I did a complete 180 and stay as far from it as possible. I don’t even want to talk about the Frats, theres about 5 dedicated to noodles and a Jewish frat that tries to charge like 10$ to get into a ghetto warehouse…. Although most of us at State didn’t go to SFSU for the curriculum, and only went cause we wanted to live in SF, we at least expected a Greek system. I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out. Also, we live in San Francisco? Why are there fat people, we pretty much have to walk everywhere.

The Greek System at SFSU looks like a nightmare.- nik

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