When Old Strippers Can’t Strip Anymore


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When old strippers and Ho's can't strip and Ho anymore

When old strippers and Ho's can't strip and Ho anymore

When old strippers and Ho's can't strip and Ho anymore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did you hear about the woman in the news (Martha Nichols) who was charged with faking cancer? Well, it reminded me of someone. This is Chantel K. She is the dirtiest wh*re in the dirty D. Here’s why: She fakes cancer to get $ ALSO. She’s soon to be 40 and has stripped all her life but now she’s a gf experience escort. I used to be friends with her until I got sick of her scams and lies. She’s about 5’1 and 100 lbs because she works out 3 hrs a day EVERYDAY! If it weren’t for the cantelopes on her chest, she’d have the body of a 10 yr. old muscular boy. Everything about her is fake, from her hair, her nails, her boobs (which are rock hard btw), her lips, to her life!  She used to hook up with customers outside the strip club and would ask me to cover for her, She’d tell anyone who’d listen that all her boyfriends and ex husband beat the crap out of her and make them feel sorry for her so they’d give her $. She even had ME fooled for a while because she was always shaking and nervous and acting the scared little sweet innocent girl. She borrowed 20k from a customer “to get away from her abusive ex”(which was a lie) and never paid him back so he was trying to get it from her, She told everyone he was stalking her and got him beaten up and barred from the club.  Nik, she also answered an ad from an older couple looking for a serogate mother because the wife couldn’t concieve. The deal was to pay her 20k up front, pay all her medical bills and when she delivered she was to get another 10k. This was 14 yrs ago, well guess what? the couple never got the baby OR their $ back. She also neglected to tell them she was married and the baby was her husband’s and not the guy who paid her (even tho she effed the guy). She borrows large sums of $ from guys and never pays them back, so she has people looking for her all the time. She lies to her family and tells them she does medical billing but she’s really an escort, and that’s because she’s too old to strip. She’s on all kinds of pills and anti psychotic/ anxiety drugs and is a mental mess. She says she got hooked on pills because she had “anxiety”. Really, bitch? If you weren’t scamming everyone you wouldn’t have so much anxiety!!! But that’s not all…I know for a fact she’s had at least 8 abortions with 3 or 4 different boyfriends, all within the last 10 yrs. She tells the guys she miscarried, but I know different. She even self aborted twins when she was almost 4 months preggo. But the clincher is what she tells her escort customers(who all think they’re the only one btw) when she has the abortions…As you know, a girl can’t have sex for about 6 wks after having a baby or an abortion…Well, while recovering, she tells her customers she has ovarian cancer and that’s the reason she can’t meet them for sex!!! She’s been doing this for the last 15 yrs.!!! And they all believe her!! She even has them paying for her chemotherapy, but there’s no chemotherapy because there’s no cancer!!! She also tells them her hair has fallen out from the “treatments” and has them paying for her extensions. Her hair isn’t falling out, it breaks off short because she fries it with bleach!!! (The pic with the bikini shows her real hair.) Everyone I know who’s had cancer had their hair totally fall out from the chemo, not break off 3 inches short! Fact is she’s NEVER HAD CANCER! Nik, this bobble headed, tranny-looking slore is full of shit, juviderm, botox and old man spunk. Please let Detroit know about her scandelous lies and cancer scam.

Made in Detroit.- nik

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