When Will Pro Skaters Realize They Are A Huge Influence On Children


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is pro skater Torey Pudwill and he is my sons favorite skateboarder… as I’m sure he is a role model to many other young kids who skateboard and have dreams and ambitions of being pro’s.  Now we all know there young pro’s are filthy rich because of parents like me that go out and buy our kids the brand of shoes, shirts, hats, grip tape, skateboard, etc… that a skater like Torey wears and is sponsored by.  What makes me mad is when they go on a social network and start bragging about smoking weed… Now I’m 42 and find nothing wrong with smoking, I smoke pot on a daily basis.  But it makes me mad when my 9 year old son is asking me what Raw Papers are and if I can buy him some, obviously because his favorite skateboarder is advertising them, I’m not surprised he wanted some.  I just wish these skaters would realize why they have what they have.  I understand they party, drink, smoke and party with hot girls but keep that to yourselves.  No need to post it all over social networks, they have so much influence on youth and need to realize that.

Torey are you retarded? You need to fire your business manager… just because you’re a drug addict don’t let your fans see it. That is Sheckler status bro.- nik

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