Where Are Their Parents


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these group of girls roam Miami, taking every bit of the city with them. From drugs, to liquor, to even older men.  I know you put up a post called “Miami’s Youngest Pepsi Click” and how they should be on a show called Pretty Wild Miami, but these girls definetly have crazier lives.   The head of the group is Jassmine S, telling the rest of the girls what to do like they’re her minions all because she has the biggest t*ts out of all of them combined. However, she is the biggest alcoholic besides Frida G the child celebrity who tried commiting suicide early this year. They’re all tat’d up, and going clubbing as minors.. they’re not even done with highschool yet. Most of them in rehab for *Pepsi,* including Priscilla. While the rest sleep anything that moves. They travel in a inseperable group, sipping their wine and snorting their lines as they go.

When is the dark hair movement going to be over?  Ladies please go back to bleach so guys can “think” you are hot again.- nik

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