Where Has Massen-Gill Been Hiding


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Where's Massen-Gill been hiding?

Where's Massen-Gill been hiding?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, it’s been awhile since this Sobe douche Massen-Gill has been posted. Seems like he is still up to his old ways of chasing girls half his age and conning them into sleeping with him. Ladies watch out he likes to think he has a big Greg but it’s not by a lot. He usually is hanging with Gayviator and trading chicks with him but I think he couldn’t keep up with Gayviator’s money. So Nik, did you ever grant this guy dirty celeb status?

No, this guy doesn’t get celeb status because look at the chicks he goes for.  Gayviator wouldn’t be seen with this type of trash… Massen-Gill sleeps with the scrubs.- nik

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