Who Is Jonathon “Taylor” Niewinski


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So this kid here goes by “Taylor Niewinski”. He goes online and finds random chicks off his phone and i guess “dates them” because he cant get any chicks in his town (so I assume) but according to my friend because “no one finds him attractive” so he says. His father skipped out on the kid and he claims to be a semi pro skater and has a massive obsession with Wiz Khalifa (kids a weed fiend and acts like a child about it, It’s just a plant, chill). anyways this douchebag started talking to MY best friend, and started using her. my friend is too much of a nice person to not help a person out. She would give the shirt off her back to a stranger if she needed too. She’s a single mom and had just gone through a seperation from her husband. Really young too, shes 19. Anyways one day she decided to look him up on facebook and couldnt find him (lets face it everyone including their grandma has facebook). then she decided to search his address on google and found an article of a “Jonathon Niewinski” getting in some sort of trouble for trying to sell oregano as weed. So she decides to look up jonathon niewinski on facebook and sure enough he came up. she confronted him about it but he claimed his name was “taylor”. His story when it comes to his supposed love life is that he had this girl he was dating for two years that supposedly cheated on him with 5 people at a party. when he asked why she did it, the chick apparently said “he wasnt good enough” so he thinks that about himself. so the latest and hopefully final story is that he made up this story how he had to pay a ticket and if he didnt he would go to jail. He kept bothering her til she finally gave in and sold some of her stuff to get him money to help him out. This guy ended up lying to her and she tried asking for her money back and he walked off with it. So then she called the cops and they couldn’t do anything really. But sad to say his mom actually believes all his lies. She also found out hes a regular with the police. they know him by name “jonathon Niewinski” && apparently doesnt have a drivers license because my friend let him drive her car and told the cops, the cops said he doesnt have a license. I’m curious as too how many people hes screwed over …..hmm? thoughts? oh wait theres one more thing, theres a chance she might be pregnant with his kid. dumbass! smdh. guess we’ll find out in a week.

I see this guy settling for the gays.- nik

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