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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, If anyone wants to see naked pictures of this fat c*nt she’ll hand them out for free!! I know, because she sent a bunch to MY BOYFRIEND FOR 2 MONTHS!! This fully loaded b*tch comes with no self esteem and lots of cottage cheese on her poon-dog, and no regard to the status of your man. Beware ladies of Terrace b.c, for she resides there, and will not give a second thought to TRYING to seduce your bf, fiancee, or husband. Although, you’d have to have a man with “special tastes” to enjoy a photo of this sloot neked. f*cking gross. facebook her, msg her, ask her for some photos. Even though she is engaged, she’ll have no problem sharing. Obviously doesnt love her poor fiancee enough, if you ask me he’s getting the raw end of the stick. WATCH OUT FOR NAOMI AKSIDAN!!! THIS B*TCH WILL SCAR YOU FOR LIFE WITH HER NASTY WH*RE PHOTOS!!!!!

I feel so bad for that little troll who she’s sitting on.- nik 

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