Who’s Her Baby Daddy


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Now nik this girl here, what a spectacle. From couch bouncing back and forth, to her obscene lifestyle of drinking and pills, even now that she’s pregnant she hasn’t stopped smoking weed. Now tell me, what kind of girl texts her boyfriends best friend asking him to fuk her repeatedly, or leaves her boyfriend who she only used to buy her things for a guy who does nothing but drink? Not to mention, she’s not even sure who the father of her unborn child is! She thinks she’s just the baddest bitch because she sat in the county jail for only 3 months, but every fight she’s been in she’s got the living hell beat out of her. She’s using the guy she’s with and warping his brain to turn him against everyone, non-stop lies to him about where she’s at and what she is doing, even simply just lying about the dumbest of things. Let’s not get started on those Cher-style eyebrows and that alien structured face. Nonetheless, this girl needs some help, and needs to realize that she’s not the baddest bitch on the planet when she has a face that looks like E.T.

She’s a good example of why you shouldn’t cut your own hair.  I like the piano key she cut in just off center of her inner bangs.- nik

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