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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I am posting this not to be mean but just to try and understand WTF is it with NVHS girls having babies like it is their job or something, and not even always knowing who knocked them up? so sad but here are two girls that come to mind the most since they are no strangers to the dirty. but heres Felyshia and Brianna, idk if they are friends but they are both on here already and Felyshia is pregnant for the 3rd time (apperntly she doesnt know how to prevent this) her first son is being raised by her parents and she doesnt know who the daddy is, then she has a daughter and now she is having another baby, why doesnt she just start raising her own son since she is well off enough to have a 3rd?? i am just lost on that, Brianna i dont know where to start, girl is a hott mess she has 2 little girls and the 1st seems to know who her daddy is, yet the one she had not to long ago her daddy has been changed idk how many times…it’s sad and i hope these girls get a grip and stop bringing innocent children in to train wreck lives

Its an investment for a steady paycheck, just like +2’s.- nik

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