JUNIOR VARSITY: Nik, I was outraged when TMZ reported that Lindsay Lohan got approved to work in Canada.  The dumbest country in the world CANADA still will not allow you to come into their country for your DUI, but this Pepsi fiening alcoholic with numerous arrest and jail stints was allowed right in.  I’m still in shock from my visit to the Canadian Consulate in LA and what they told me was the best way to get you back into Canada word for word was “Its very easy eh, all you have to do is get a celebrity like “Brad Pitt” and “Angeline Jolie”  eh to write us a letter saying you are a good person and we would allow you back into our country in eh.”  When they told me that would get you back into Canada faster than a lawyer can, I was f*cking shocked and thought everyone at the consulate was f*cking with me.  Something is wrong with that country and the people… this is bullsh*t and not fair. Gayden, I’m not talking to all Canadians besides you.   Click her to read the article on TMZ.

Lindsay email me your immigration lawyers contact.- nik