Why Does Frankie Grande Have Fans?

Why Does Frankie Grande Have Fans?

Frankie Grande was recently spotted outside the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. While he was friendly to his fans- as he came over and signed autographs for them- we don’t get it. Why does he have fans? Why is he famous?

Sure, his half-sister is Ariana Grande, but she actually has talent… and wasn’t hated on Big Brother… and has earned her celebrity status… unlike him.

Seriously, since when are half siblings of celebs famous? And why does Frankie have glow in the dark nails? And why do people want his autograph? There are so many questions and so few answers.

We’re over Frankie Grande, but he’s clearly not over himself and thinks he’s a big deal… which likely means we’ll still be hearing about him for the time being. Yawn.


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