Why Does The Government Allow This To Happen


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this morning I woke up to news of my friend Mike passing away last night due to an overdose on Oxy’s.  This is the 3rd friend I have lost in the past 18 months.  It is sad what has happened to everyone I grew up with, most of them hooked on Oxy’s and just sit at home, smoke or snort this stuff and just sit there and get fat and do nothing with their lives.  At the end of the day, our Government is the one to blame for this.  Why allow a drug that is more addictive than heroin to be given to anyone makes no f*cking sense.  My buddy was 23 years old, played college ball and everything, super healthy.  Went to see a doctor, told him his back was always killing him and he had a hard time walking… so what does this doctor do?  Without even Xrays, he prescribed him 90 80mg oxys without any questions.   He didn’t need this pills, he had no back problems he just wanted to get high and the doctor allowed it.  Its f*cking dumb, its sad when a drug brings in Billions of dollars, no one seems to care because so many are becoming rich off it. I wonder how many more friends I will lose.

I blame Obama.- nik

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