Why Is Burnt Bacon Posting Pictures Of Claudia Sampedro Likes It Her


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, I was a friend of Burnt Bacons on fbook (Angela Paige) for a while.  She always posts sh*t about wanting juiced up Italians with tons of tattoos and puts up the usual crappy bathroom mirror shots that broke a$$ girls put up that aren’t hot enough to actually have real modeling shots.  She started bragging about getting a new boob job and put up some pix that i sent in to you to ask what you thought of her new t*ts.  Turns out, shes more pathetic than just the constant posts about wanting to hook up with a Guido and how hot she is.  She posted up pix of Claudia Sampedro and said it was her in Vegas getting ready to hit the pool.  Give me a break.  She jumped on Claudia’s twitter and straight ripped off 4 or 5 pictures and put them on her profile? I was gonna leave a comment on the photos and call her out on it, but i didn’t want to embarrass her.  So I sent her a message and just said, I don’t know why you put up this crap, its lame though.  So she doesn’t respond and blocks me. lol. I think she should go on blast.

All this makes me think is her new +2’s are a failure or you are talking to a fake Burnt Bacon.- nik

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