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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Paige Olsen. She’s 20 from Kapaun Mt Carmel obviously just look at her. She’s probably the most 2 faced person i’ve ever met. She uses everyone she can including her closest friends. She doesnt have many because no one like to be around a self centered bitch all the time. She never pays for anything and just blows her money on shit she doesnt need. She is the BIGGEST WHORE!!! Wow I tell ya shes a home wrecker. She had sex with Dylan Hartnett whileeeee he had a girlfriend andshe continued to messa round with him after he said he didnt want her and she let him use her. Her weekends revolve around her getting laid. She wants to have sex with a 40 year old man named Cliff at Chevy that she works with and hes married with kids and looks like a petaphile. She is sooo dirty. I feel sorry for all the losersthat slept with her not knowing she had drds. She mouches off her mother and steals her ciggs… what are we 13 years old? I dont know how many times i’ve had to drag her away from a party so she wouldnt have sex with anyone and call me a cock block. It would be a surprise to know she woke up in her ownbed. Nik what do you think of this flat chested ratchet girl??

Time is not on her side. I think she’s realized that.- nik

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