Wichita’s 30 Year Old Virgin


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wichita's 30 year old virgin

wichita's 30 year old virgin

wichita's 30 year old virgin

THE DIRTY ARMY: ladies and gentleman of the dirty army, this motherf*cker right here is seth f*cking zoolander of wichita kansas. among the creepiest the 316 has to offer. absolutely tragic. he likes to ride his gay ass bike near century 2 and works at doc howards. now i know what you’re saying…how can somebody that works at a trendy ass meat market of a club like doc howard’s be a virgin….well this guy is. he is a lame burnt out kandy kid clutching onto the retarded remnants of the pepsi head rave scene for as long as ive known him. dude is constantly surrounded by moderately attractive drugged out rave bitches and has still managed to get no play at all. most awkward dude known to mankind who will say things like “whats your sign?” and the ever popular “have you ever heard happy hardcore vol. 2? it changed my life!” lame ass monotone wichita creeper who likes to shit all over local chicks behind his mommy and daddy’s computer screen….and to boot, the kid rocks the same dumbass wannabe male model “blue steel” face in every picture ive ever seen him in. and that bottom pic of him with the creepy facepaint bitch with him in the tank top,yeah, thats a fake tattoo. i saw him rocking that look for like a week walking around delano. forgy. so, nik, please put this lame ass douchebag on blast so the rest of the world knows hes a molester in the making.

I’m definitely getting a predator bisexual vibe from this chubster.- nik

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