Will Someone Please Notify Children’s Services


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Will someone please notify children's services

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Here I give you Felicia Wallace. She comes from a decent family in Cincinnati but some where along the way she got hooked on drugs and black dick and things went downhill for Ms. Felicia. Now she’s selling her ass on Craigslist for a bargain/nearly street-hooker price of $150/hour under the name Crissybelle aka YaYa. On her hooker website she refers to herself as “The Italian Goddess,” however if you know her personally you know that Felicia actually thinks she is black and has a boyfriend in prison.  she leaves her two children in her home while she is running strange men in and out of there. Also, will you look at the size of this girls ass!! Does this look like a goddess to you?

I bet she has to have all her pants tailored, I also bet that that ass would sag a lot once those pants come off.- nik

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