THE DIRTY ARMY: Missing please turn in my dead beat babydaddy but because his no good to any women in any situation , please be adviced he dont know how to be a man and doesnt know how to be a father his name is william bradley kennedy this is the secound time i put him on here since child support can’t located this monkey i still cant believe it although he is on here again nick i just want to ask for help locating him in any situation as i really would like my support any single mother out there feels the pain when a guy can’t be a man and raise his child or at least just give her a few bits of cash show some concern go to counselling and get help but this man doesn’t want to help himself doesn’t want to get better you really can’t fix a guy whos broken or messed up by his mother i know this is wrong but his son 7 months old now still no show he not help me with one thing no support i dont know who to turn to any advice nick?

Maybe if he learned how to crop he’d get the affect of not taking a picture of himself.  Also who trimmed your eyebrows (just curious).- nik