Windsor’s Dirtiest Bird

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. I know quite a few sluts have brought shame to Windsor Ontario, but THIS one takes the cake! Her name is Katrina Handsor-Grayer (33) and she is the dirtiest, most pathetic excuse for a mother. She thinks she’s a great parent and a great catch, when the truth is that all of her kids, ages 10-17, are screwed up (acting like gangsters, doing drugs, drinking, having sex, catching drd’s, fighting, constantly in court), and she has even shared men with her 17 year old daughter. She’s always out at the clubs, dressed in tight clothes and stressing that poor fabric, while her kids sit at home and wonder where she is, writing posts on her Facebook wall asking when she’s coming home because they are hungry. She’s always throwing Pity-Parties for herself, about how hard it is to raise her kids, when clearly the streets have raised them. They dress like little prostitutes and act in the same manner, and Katrina is ok with it…guess the apples really DON’T fall far from the tree, especially when that tree is actually a fat, skanky little shrub. The pictures that she posts are just REVOLTING and would make you want to vomit! She thinks she has a nice ass, when the truth is she is nothing BUT ass, a fat, dimpled, cottage-cheese looking ass, and you KNOW it has to stank!! She lives off of the government, yet takes frequent trips to Miami, where once again, we are forced to see many barf-bag worthy photos of her in different bikinis, sprawled out on a hotel bed like a prostitute, or squatting in the water, contaminating the ocean… if you’re travelling to a third-world country or Miami beach, be sure to get your vaccinations!!

Rap has made this look ‘acceptable’.- nik

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