Windsor’s Oldest Nasty Bird

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Windsor’s Oldest Nastiest Bird Christa Guarini aka Misty or Layla. She has more c**bs than a seafood platter. This chick needs to get a nose job and really should retire that tired ass. And don’t forget those LEGS… For Christ sake please do something about those LEGS. They look like cottage cheese stuffed hose and are lumpy and bumpy. If you know her then you know what im talking about if not then just think OLD AND BUSTED scratch that I mean just plain old DUMPY… She the dumbest bitch on the planet and really I know the sun shines on a dogs ass at least once in their life but dam she’s been in the dark for some time now……… This bitch needs to get a real clue cause she’s no where near what she thinks in intelligence and surely not in looks either with that big ass NOSE……. So people I beg of you please be on the look out for that well know red dodge magnum with the plate that says afawkes…. Really she should turn that plate in cause its false advertising…… here is her whore advertising as well [removed]make sure you check her out on facebook too as christatba…. for real this chick needs to clean that shit up cause she’s nasty…… anyone that postes pics like that on their facebook that she friends with her KIDS on who are minors really needs to check that shit..

There’s so many questions about her body that I don’t wanna know the answer to.- nik

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