Winnipeg’s Dirtyest Mattress

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Winnipeg's Dirtyest Mattress

Winnipeg's Dirtyest Mattress

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This here is Ashley Woods aka Knowing-Lee spreading drd, Things thing some people call a woman cant even take care of her own kid. The only pictures she has of her kid are from visits. She lost her kid because she was to worried about COCK & CRCK OR CCAINE ? THAT IS NOT A WOMAN. She tries way to hard to be sexy, & then when guys don’t want her drd she gets mad & then has a fit cus she cant get COCK ! She likes meeting new people to support her dirty partying & drug use. She shouldn’t be so worried about doing drugs & getting fcked n chucked Who are you kidding your not the “wifey type”. You should be worried about trying to get your kid back. Everyone knows you & your baby daddy have it, if not they do now so Watch out cus, you never know where she has been OH WAIT EVERY ONE KNOWS SHES BEEN EVERY WHERE ! this girl has so many haters NOT FANS. HATERS ! THE BITCH IS DUMB DEF * & i sure as hell aint a ashley fan . but its nice to see that you got out of the hooking business.

I bet she could hide things in her lumps.- nik

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