Winnipeg’s Trashiest Sloot

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, so I introduce you Winnipeg’s finest sloot around w/ that honker of a pointy nose and receading hairline. This is Jill Z from Winnipeg but she moved to Vancouver to persue schooling, turns out she’s now spreading her legs to any guy she meet’s at the bars. She meet’s guys off plenty off fish and facebook goes out with them for dinner acts all sweet and innocent, fucks them and steals their money anything that has value to it. She walks around town like her s**t don’t stink, and in reality she’s a very dirty girl; You can spot her downtown every week clubbing. So I thought it was about time to call her out. I am sure some of your readers know of her and will agree to what I am writing you. If any guys see her out in the future, don’t hesitate to approach her. You might get lucky with some ‘private leg spreading fun’…. you know what I mean. Her intelligence level is probably close to that of a dogs… maybe less. This sloot lives off her parents money and parties every wknd bringing guys home spreading her legs like the slut she is, sniffing rails of coke, while her parents think she’s this perfect little angel. SECRET’S out bitch!!

Its a man disguised as a girl…I decided.- nik

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