Woman Escorting Priyanka Chopra To Car Means Business

Woman Escorting Priyanka Chopra To Car Means Business

Priyanka Chopra was recently spotted arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California, and the woman escorting her to her car- who we’re guessing is some type of airport security guard- means business… in terms of how she handles paparazzi, anyway.

When the paparazzi are taking pictures of Chopra- and trying to get her attention- the woman yells like a drill sergeant, “Let’s move it, move it, move it, move it back, come on, let’s go.”

Props go to Chopra for scoring an awesome person to help make her way through the swarm of paparazzi.

With that being said, Chopra was still friendly enough to answer a question. Specifically, she was asked where the best Indian restaurant in LA was.

“My house,” she comically responded. “I have no idea.”

Chopra is gorgeous, successful, and comical. She has our seal of approval.


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