Women Beware Of Andrew Norton


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Andew Korey Norton, was my boyfriend of 3 long years.. from day one he was cheating on me a few days into out relationship he started putting his hands on me. I no I should have called the cops on him and got him out of my life but I loved him and I didnt want to lose him or get beat up worse for calling them on him. soon after I got pregnant.. I was scared because andrew constantly put his hands on me. but we had ouR daughter and soon after that I found out he was smokeing crck cocaine in my basement and also selling drugs and getting crck heads to suck his dick for crck. while im in our room sleeping. he also blames everyone else for all his problems I found out he was charged with soliciting prostitution while I was 8 months pregnant andrew also went to jail when we got together and I stayed faithful to him the hole time we were together and he was writeing letters to his ex girlfriend he got out and I took him back and I bought him all new everything new clothes new laptop new camera shoes EXT. 3000$$ latter. he soon left me for a nasty girl. And once again I took him back again and he was still beating me up almost everyday. I had to hide my bruises with make up I always had to lie for everything he did to me .. why I really dont Know. I messed up my hole life because of andrew norton I droped out of school beacuse he could’nt handle me being around my friends or possibly finding someone better. I lost alot of my friends because they did’nt like him. got kicked out of our house because we couldnt pay the rent because he was selling dugs and we couldnt keep up with it all. 3 years of my life I wasted on soemone I barely knew. From day one he cheated .. weeks later cought him trying to cheat on me with a striper. few days after that found out he had some other striper pregnant who also now is a meth head! few months after that he was still beating me, he was still selling drugs .. months go on and everyday was the same thing fight, get beat up. treated like trash. after that I found out he was getting his LITTLE DICK sucked in my house while im sleeping. picking up whores off the street. IF ANYONE SEE’S ANDREW KOREY NORTON WALKING DOWN THE STREET CALL HIM A GOOF! AND A WOMEN BEATER. HE DOESNT DO ANYTHING FOR HIS DAUGHTER HE DOESNT EVEN NO WHEN HER BIRTHDAY IS! ANYONE SEES THIS NASTY DIRT BALL SPIT IN HIS FACE!

$300! How’d you get all that chedda? you gunna buy a house with that?- nik

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