THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Holly Norrgard. A disgusting excuse for a human being, and my ex friend & coworker. She moved in with her boyfriend when she was a teenager, he dumped her because she’s psycho and she started having sex with his DAD. She gets credit cards and cash from HIS DAD, lives in a $900,000 house but still collects child support from 2 different baby daddies and collects Welfare. Her kids are just a paycheck to her, she abuses them by giving them ice cold showers and putting hot sauce in their mouths for misbehaving. She can’t keep a job, she got fired from 10 different employers for getting into fights with coworkers. So she just manipulates everyone into giving her money with her made up sob stories. She is a miserable, manipulative, disgusting person. Please post so everyone knows who she REALLY is, I’m so sick of her secretly doing all this horrible shit to her kids and everyone around her, and still making everyone think she’s so innocent.

Hot sauce is better then soap, trust me..- nik