Worst Scammer Alive


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The worst scammer alive!!!!

The worst scammer alive!!!!

The worst scammer alive!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: OMG!!! This guy Toby D is a menace!!! On a national level. This dude lives in russelville, arkansas. He sells dolls on ebay. Now I know that doesn’t sound that bad right? He’s ugly, stupid, & arrogant. He acts like vanilla ice, drives a purple mini truck on rims and hangs out with a crew of douchebags.Toby has 1 love in life, bmx bikes. He rides his little kid bikes all over town and goes to shows all over the country. He makes fake S&M stickers and parts and tries to sell them to everybody. That’s how he makes his living, by lying to the same group he so badly wants to be a part of. . He will list a bike or a toy on ebay, then he talks smack about various screen names in the auction description. It’s so sad, he just wants to be heard by the bmx crowd, but they shit on him, and then he cries and tries to fight back. Only to repeat the process and do it again. All the while, counterfeiting S&M parts and trying to scam the bike public. He steals bikes, swindles people out of bikes, trolls craigslist 24/7 looking for bikes. [deleted, your story was way too long]

Ready to hit some more ac*d.- nik

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