Worthless White Trash in Georgia


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check it out – This worthless piece of sh*t goes by the name of Nick Lovelace. He moved here from California a few months ago because he was trying to avoid getting arrested for his 3rd DUI and going back to jail (he just got done serving a 6 month sentence). He also allegedly got two girls pregnant in Cali and wanted to avoid that mess as well. Well he’s back at it again…only he’s brought his white trash to Georgia (as if we don’t have enough here as it is). I used to date him and all he brought me was trouble. He got evicted from our apartment complex (for not paying 6 months rent – spent all the money on drugs instead), then he attacked a guy friend of mine downtown bc he said HI to me (got charged with assault and battery), then he physically assaulted me on multiple occasions and destroyed my car. He told me he would **l me if I ratted out his psychopath grandma and his H**+ uncle for growing weed in the backyard of their trailer trash home. Oh, that’s right, Nick lives with his grandma, has a manual labor blue collar job, is dumb as a brick (this dude literally forgot how to spell his name!!), is addicted to mth, pills, cke, etc., and is the most bipolar person I’ve ever met!! He thought he could play me by talking to his ex gf AND dating another girl in Jefferson where he lives – all while claiming he LOVED me. This loser told me he loved me after 1 week of dating btw. Sorry I’m not sorry I’m way smarter than you! He never got his GED bc he dropped out of high school and has pretty much been homeless since then. This is a warning to all of Athens, Jefferson, and GA. STAY. AWAY. He will hurt you – physically, mentally, emotionally, and any other way possible. I’m lucky I got out alive. To Nick, if you’re reading this: You f*cked with the wrong girl. And you lost your ONLY chance to be with someone who’s going somewhere in life. Guess some people are just destined to live the trailer trash life. Have fun f*cking whatever homeless broke a** b*tches you find in Bumblef*ck, GA. Or better yet, take your dumb a** back to CALIFORNIA. Here’s to finding someone who won’t beat the shit out of me while completely messed up on drugs!!

Easy Dr…- nik

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