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Nik, Amanda from KC, would you?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda R**ves from Kansas City. Amanda is the biggest skank in KC. She was a bartender at Tengo Sed Cantina at Power and Light until she got fired. She then went upstairs to Mosaic, where they fired her with a quickness. Amanda is clearly a white girl, but runs her mouth like the most ghetto, wannabe gangster chick in KC. She has slept with 12-15 black dudes that she met at Power and Light. My boyfriend is her EX of 4 years, and she wont leave us alone. She got her ass beat once for running her mouth, and keeps coming back for more. After getting the “BIGGEST WHORE” award at Power and Light, she ran off to the Lake of The Ozark’s to hide. She got fired from a bar their called COCONUTS. No one wanted her to move back to KC, so at the end of September she moved to St. Louis. I know she comes to KC every weekend to whore it up, because I see her out. She also blows up my mans phone, ummm he don’t want you stupid HOE! Nik, would you with a 10 foot pole?

Answer: no.  I would take that 10 foot pole  to defend myself and beat her lil ninja ass off of me if she tried to take advantage of me.- nik

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