Wouldn’t Touch This With Your Greg


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THE DIRTY ARMY: buahaha nik meet krista rix ….. nasty rat head size 8 clown shoes wow.. ^__^! yay look krista theres finialy a way for you to ADVERTISE your shady bad action!!.. WHO: KRISTA RIX. WHAT: IS THE SHADIEST GUTTER PIG FAKE BITCH UP IN RED DEER … WHEN: HA WHEN SHE CHECKED HER PURSE AND REALIZED SHE A BROKE BITCH LIVING IN THE LOWER CLASS SUBURB.(ON THE BENCH OUTSIDE THE CASINO)…. bitch you are not fooling anybody we all seen your paperwork…. ha i heard this bitch so loose so she let 4 dudes fuck her Fallopian tubes… this bitches is so ugly she makes her sister angie s hair look good … and that bitch has a mullet….. oh n fyi the next time you try to set me up how about actually pulling it off cus the more time you try the more of a hurt u look like wen u realize im to smart to fck with get a life whore poor dave at least he dont have to see first hand on how big of a bad bad goof you are but he will wen he back on he outs …. n e way krista have fun keeping it goof

At least we’re on the same page.- nik

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