Yasmin Is The Biggest Hypocrite


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Your A hypocrite Yasmin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start with this train wreck? First off, her name is Yasmin Yeganeh, but she keeps changing it. For a while she was Erika Jordan but now that she claims she’s a “comedic actress” she changed her name again to Yasmin Nathalie. The girl can’t make up her mind! Not only that, her new persona claims that she doesn’t shoot nudes. She even posts it on her site, but look what just popped up…NUDES of her. All new shoots after she posted that she doesn’t do them. It’s the internet idiot! Of course people are going to find out. Not only that, she talks down to people who do porn, claiming that when she does soft porn/simulated porn, she is only letting someone touch her, not be inside her. Um…hello? That’s called an escort. But not only that, she sleeps with all of her co-stars anyway the day she shoots with them afterwards! Isn’t that just about the same?! The best part is my friend takes classes at Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood and he says that she’s the biggest joke. That everyone laughs at her, not from her comedy, and they all talk about her behind her back. She keeps making these clips on youtube of her “reel” and no one has the heart to tell her that they suck. They all think that she should stick to her nude modeling. Being extras with no lines in movies doesn’t make you an “actress”. Yasmin, do us all a favor and stick to what you’re good at. Spreading yourself to the world. Nik, enjoy these “not nude” photos of Yasmin.  Click here to see those Nude Pictures.

Sorry Ermin, you cannot hide from TheDirty.com.- nik

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