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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like to start off by saying I never heard of you or your site until couples’ therapy, but I bet you’ve been getting a lot of that lately. My first reaction to you and your web site was hate.. disgust.. basically this guy is so full of sh*t, but I actually have a new appreciation for you and what you do. I can understand why your wife hates this website. As a woman I would prefer you say you’d sleep with most of these ladies, instead of the intense critique you provide about elbows/ chins/ knee caps etc. But I also understand you’ve become somewhat successful by showing a certain vulgarity/shock value to your readers and now they have come to expect nothing less from you. I am sure neither of you would be happy if you were unemployed and unable to provide for your family.. So that being said I have an idea… For every Yin there is a Yang. Why not give a section of this site to your wife? Let her brutally critique men? Let her put her opinions out there and answer the question “would you” Maybe she would understand a little more why you say what you say. Maybe you would understand a little more when she complains about what you say when you see her critique a good looking man or hear her say she “would”. I am sure she can/could be just as superficial as you with these comments. It may help you both to experience the situation from both sides… and hell if it’s popular it will only provide more income for your family. Best of luck!

That is a terrible idea. I say what I think in my head (truth). This website is not about feelings, its about waking up to the world you are creating. Please take your Yin and Yang back to Karate class… better yet I heard Frommer’s Great Wall books are on sale, cop one.- nik

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