You Messed With The Wrong Person

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Dumb bitches need to know not to fucck with the wrong person

Dumb bitches need to know not to fucck with the wrong person

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So meet Mariah, this fcking gremlin had the audacity to spread MY business on one of her AIM status’. She bashed me and bashed my ex girlfriend, calling her a slut etc. Let me tell you she is twenty years old, on AIM most of the day, works in Out Back Steak house, dates guys younger than her, and spends her time talking to friends she met over the internet, she is on this site called teenspot. Why are u on that site when ur twenty ur not a teen anymore. Also why are u dating guys very much younger than u?! Why do u spend most of ur time online. Nik her bestfriend is an asian she met off this site, who is much younger than her. She fell in love with me, but i NEVER once spoke to her about getting to know her, i used her every time to get something. So to see if i could get her i played her like a game and decided let me see if i could really get this girl. Low and behold who got her?! lmao me! She’s scum, nothing but a fun bag, she cant keep a dude more than a week(and let me tell u theyre all off the internet) She is just pure pathetic and since she wanted to bash me and my ex she got the same shit handed to her.  thanks for listening Nik.

She’s practicing for her online career of photoshopping and selling herself, younger minds are easier to tamper with.- nik

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